Up is the Only Way!

I have had many blessings in the past few days.  I have learned that there may be a way to get my health back with a new medicine.  It isn’t actually new, but it is new to be treating my Cushing’s disease.  I start taking it tonight!  I feel like I am on the brink of starting everything new once again.  I have a good feeling about this. 

I am looking at the future in a whole new way today.  Yesterday I had a low day, slept twenty-one hours, but woke today refreshed and on a high cycle.  I wasn’t scheduled to work, but yesterday I got a call to come in.  I’m so glad; everyday that I work is a day closer to being out of debt.  I have also booked a couple of paid photography sessions.  I am so excited that things are taking off and I will be able to breathe a bit every month.

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