First Day of the New Year!

Day one on the new meds was going great, until I ate something.  I’ve been nauseous ever since.  It isn’t really bad, but I went to the store and picked up some Diet Vernor’s.  If you have never had Vernor’s before, it is the best medicine for a stomach ache.  It is a very carbonated, very gingery ginger ale.  My family and most of my friends were always given Vernor’s for upset stomachs.  The bubbles tickle your nose and make you burp, releasing the buildup of gases.  The ginger helps neutralize the acids that upset your tummy.  It works better than the prescription meds that I have taken.  Today, I am thankful for Vernor’s! 

One of the ways I will know if the meds are working or not is by weighing myself.  I got on the scale this morning and found that I lost three pounds before even starting the meds.  I have the starting number (no, I’m not sharing right now) and will keep everyone posted on my progress!  For once I am happy about getting on the scale!

I have used this opportunity of spending time on the couch working on my professional photography website.  Something I can do with the small amount of brain power that is available.  I have several projects to do over the next few days as I get used to the drugs, so I am grateful for downtime!

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