Blessings and Concerns!

Its day two after starting the new meds. I only have to take two pills a week, so there isn’t much to report. The next one will be on Saturday. I will say I have lost three pounds since I weighed on Wednesday. It could be normal fluctuation, or not. The nausea is all gone and I feel pretty good today. I took it easy today and laid around. I was able to knock a few things off my to-do list. I was so excited to get my vacuum back from Michigan. The one I have been using was really crappy. I was finally able to use it and was excited that I know the carpet is clean now. Tomorrow I will steam mop the linoleum and finish the house. Who would have thought the blessing I counted today would be a vacuum?

I’m getting very concerned about the BP oil spill here in the Gulf of Mexico. It hasn’t reached the beaches where I live, but if something isn’t done soon, I can’t even imagine the long term ramifications to the ecosystem as well as the economy. Every day I turn on the TV and feel like there is nothing new being done. I am glad that Charlie Crist is out there keeping an eye on things for Florida. It is so sad that the beautiful beaches in all the states are being destroyed. I read today that the methane from the spill is creating a massive dead zone! I hope they get this thing under control SOON!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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