Letter to me – Part 2

Dear Me,

It is June 29, 2010, and I am writing to you twenty years in the future.  I hope you have lived out all of your dreams.  You are now 63 years old.  I hope you are happily married and living with your best friend.  I hope he loves to travel as much as you do and loves many of the things you love.  I also hope he gives you the space to be yourself.  He will be your partner, not your caregiver.  He will be your equal and you his.  I know you will still have no regrets about your life.  

Some of the things that are on my bucket list that I hope you have checked off:

  • A return trip to Australia and a visit to New Zealand.
  • A cruise in Alaska on Cruise West.
  • Travel around Europe with camera in hand.
  • Visit many of the unique places in the United States that I haven’t seen yet.
  • Take Chloe to Washington DC when she is old enough to understand what a great nation we live in.
  • Always chose to be happy and never quit striving for everything.
  • Be happy and successful in whatever career I end up in.

There are many goals in my life that I hope you achieve.  I know that you will do your best to stay positive and not worry about which fork in the road to take when those obstacles are presented.



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