Mirror Mirror . . .

Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who’s the most beautiful of them all?

Why me, I have to say – As I stand here proudly before you today!

My face is rounded and slightly skewed, But it makes me – me, What is one to do?

My skin is not as soft as a baby’s bottom, With brown spots and wrinkles, yeah I got them.

The wind and the sun has added their touch, To show that I have lived and loved so much.

My hair is dry with a little grey, but who likes having greasy hair anyway?

I don’t dwell for hours on how it should be, I flip it upside down to dry – how it ends up I’ll see.

My bikini days are long over, too many stretch marks and scars to count. But putting on a bathing suit doesn’t make me pout.

Bathing suits are for swimming and keeping cool, Who cares about fashion when being lazy at the pool?

Frankly Mirror, I don’t care what you think, Life’s too short and could end in a blink.

When I was younger, I judged myself by the people in the magazines and movies, But they’re just pretend and this kind of thinking doesn’t behoove me!

They’ve gone under the knife, airbrushed and thinned out, And what’s with that fish mouth pout?

If I want to look like those at the top, I’ll just smile, for I too have Photoshop!!!

So Magic Mirror, I look and see, A forty-three year old woman staring back at me.

Change nothing about me, this I implore, For I have a great life with blessings galore

Go find another and spread the word, Tell them they’re beautiful, the truth will be heard

For loving yourself and being you,  makes life wonderful and happy too!!!

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